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Kaze's Free Kick: Poor lineup choices sunk Phuket FC

Kaze's Free Kick: Poor lineup choices sunk Phuket FC

FREE KICK: There is a Thai saying in ancient Art of War, no, not those of Sun Tzu - 'Thou Shall Not Change Horses In The Battle.'

By Kazira Hans

Wednesday 12 March 2014, 12:26PM

Coach Teco and Phuket FC let a certain win slip away last week against Ang Thong. Photo: Steven Layne

Coach Teco and Phuket FC let a certain win slip away last week against Ang Thong. Photo: Steven Layne

As you're winning a battle, changing the new horses - as good as those horses can be- would need some breaking in.
Teco changed two horses at Ang Thong last week (March 8), both in crucial positions: a centre back and a left winger.
Maybe he thought that Ang Thong will go for a long cross into the box and hoped that Tales Dos Santos will shut down their air ball. Maybe he thought that the new guy Sampan Damsuk will run to the sideline and drive plays better.
It turned out that Coach Teco was wrong. Both the new guys' reputations seemed to exceed their performance. 
Tales kicked...and missed. More than once.
Then, when teammates returned the ball to him, he let it slip from his foot right in front of super fast striker Ojimi, and was in a chase to clear the ball out before OJ can take a kill shot.
Tales was way below par in this game. Samsem Nima would have done better.
The other new guy, Sampan Damsuk, didn't get to touch the ball much against Ang Thong.

The other big issue was that Ang Thong cheering squad, who in were set up right behind the goal. After switching sides at halftime, the singing and cheering seemed to have gotten to The Ronins' heads, and then some.
Phuket FC can't keep their own pace. They were like a prancing pony, dancing to the tunes, and not a good one at that. Instead of sticking to their game, keeping it cool and calm as they led by a goal, Phuket FC footballers rushed in and fell into Ang Thong's trap.
They were lured out of their own game and then driven out of their heads by the loud "boos" right behind them.
Dusit Nongpratum took a very hard hit and committed a foul when he tried to regain possession of the ball. There were too many small mistakes like this against Ang Thong and it would be too much to list here.
I am no expert, but when you see your attacks driven by Sakareya Kolae - a defender - along the right sideline and couldn't penetrate that defense, you'll need to rethink your strategy.

This will not be the first time that Coach Teco made a wrong call at lineup. What matters most is how he changes his tactics during the game to fight back when he knows that his first decision was not that good.
This is the beauty of football, it's like chess where you need to re-think your every move one step - maybe 2 steps - ahead of your opponent.

It is just that football is more physically dynamic and stimulating than chess.

This is why I love this game.

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