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Botched abortion results in death

Botched abortion results in death

By Marque A. Rome

Wednesday 19 September 2012, 01:13PM

A 17-year-old student was found dead in a short-time hotel after performance of an illicit abortion on September 17. The incident occurred in tambon Tak Daed Moo 8 of Chumporn's Meuang district.

The unidentified hotel's manager notified Meuang district police about 3pm that a girl had been found dead in one of the rooms, so the duty officer, Pol Capt Suksant Yimyaem went to investigate, accompanied by a medical officer from Chumporn Ketra Udomsak Hospital and Kupai Saichol Rescue unit personnel.

At the hotel, which lies close to Chumporn town and is described as a 'resort' though catering to short-time customers, Pol Capt Suksant was led to the aforementioned, cheaply furnished room where he saw the body of a girl, 17, slender and fair-skinned, a native of Chumporn. The corpse was dressed in pink T-shirt screened with cartoon characters and black shorts, and lay supine on a single bed. Her name was not reported.

The thin mattress on which she lay was covered in a flower-pattern sheet, and rested on ill-fitting box springs. In front of the bed was a mirror; above the mirror, a TV screen. The walls were white and unadorned.

A bottle of soft drink stood open nearby the corpse. Only a little had been consumed. No evidence of fighting or foul play was discerned.

While examining the corpse, the hospital medical officer noted a great deal of blood had flown from the vagina, swamping the underside. He said the girl had been dead no fewer than five hours. Investigators found two Pampers-type diapers thick with red and black blood. They were collected as evidence.

The hotel manager told police that a woman approximately 40 years of age had arrived driving a Chumporn-registered Honda motorcycle at 8.00 AM Sunday morning and booked a short-time room. "About half an hour later," Pol Capt Suksant said, "another motorbike arrived with the girl later found dead riding on the back. Another half-hour or so passed and two or three more women were seen running back and forth from the room carrying various food items. That went on all day. Then one came and paid for the room overnight.

"After that, all was quiet.

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"But about 2pm the following day, when the room maid entered to clean, she found the girl lying dead. The others had vanished."

Pol Capt Suksant said the woman who booked the room was a regular customer of the hotel: "She rents short-time rooms five or six times a week," he said, "each time for three or four hours. She is always followed by women, who stay in the room with her, sometimes for a short time, sometimes over night."

He said he expects the girl who died found herself pregnant while still in school and, fearing what might happen when her parents found out, decided on an abortion. He thinks the abortionist lives nearby the hotel.

"After completing the abortion," he said, "the woman and her team watched over the girl -- but the blood wouldn't cease flowing. They tried to staunch the flow but nothing worked and finally she died.

"Seeing that, they fled."

It was not reported whether police planned to follow up on the investigation.

Abortion is not illegal in Thailand, young women need to know that if they can have it proved by two doctors that having a baby would cause them anxiety or depression then trained doctors can perform the procedure.

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