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Big List: Sticky situations

PHUKET: Have you ever been stuck in a sticky situation or perhaps you’ve just felt stuck in the middle between warring sides. Here is The Phuket News’ top five situations where people have become stuck.

By Jody Houton

Wednesday 18 December 2013, 11:46AM

TRAPPED IN FUN Grown men and women who go on rollercoaster rides without children forgo any genuine reason to be there and thus deserve to be punished or at least stared at, with wrinkled brows.

So it was perhaps god’s way of disapproving the actions of 18 adults in China last year when the roller-coaster they were riding came to a complete stop, upside down, whilst doing the loop-de-loop.

The adults who should’ve known better were left hanging upside down for more than half an hour, before being rescued and brought to land.

Six had become ill, but all managed to make a swift recovery and probably realised that they should have been playing golf or reading a good book instead.

TRAPPED IN A SEAT A 21-year-old wheelchair-bound American found himself going on a ride of a lifetime, all from the discomfort of his seat.

The shaken up unlucky lad said that he had been wheeling across the a zebra crossing when his electric wheelchair’s handlebars became lodged in a truck’s front grill.

Fortunately, Ben was wearing a seatbelt and apart from being quite distressed when the truck finally came to a stop, he was otherwise safe and sound.

TRAPPED IN A PREDICAMENT We’ve all been in places and situations which we’ve regretted and wish we weren’t in. Normally it’s just a case of apologising, getting the bill and sheepishly taking leave.

No such luck for high-wire motorcyclist Mustafa Danger who had second thoughts 610 feet up suspended on a wire above Benidorm beach in Spain.

With just feet to go to the other side, Danger shuddered to a halt, before he and his assistant – suspended on a frame below the bike to act as ballast – were towed to safety.

He did manage it on his second attempt.

BOY TRAPPED IN A DREAM For the first few minutes, he must have felt like he was living the dream, but very soon after the 3-year-old lad who got stuck in a games machine must have felt pretty rubbish.

Having no luck in operating the crane machine to pluck out a teddy bear in a holiday arcade in Skegness, Christopher decided to take matters into his own hands and climbed through the shutter.

He initially found it quite funny explained his mother, but when a crowd gathered and starting pointing and taking photos his mood quickly changed.

TRAPPED ESCAPING HELL A Brazilian inmate came just a belly distance from freedom recently when, in an attempt to escape, he smashed a hole in the wall and started to wriggle out.

Interestingly, the prison guards were alerted to his escape bid, not by the banging through of the wall, but by the wails of the inmate.

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