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Phuket News: Young Thai stabbed by violent ex-girlfriend

PATTAYA: An 18-year-old Pattaya man was stabbed on Pattaya Beach by his ex-girlfriend during a quarrel on April 27.

By Pattaya Daily News

Sunday 28 April 2013, 01:23PM

He was trying to get back together, but they ended up arguing and fighting. So a gang of her male friends beat the victim while she stabbed him twice.

The man, Mr Wasan, told police that before incident occurred, he made an appointment with his ex-girlfriend named Ms Ploy, after they had ended their relationship of two months, to meet with him to resolve their love problem.

They arranged to meet at the beach of the fishing bridge of the old pier located before Walking Street road. But Ms Ploy didn’t come alone, and came with 5 to 6 male friends.

However, they couldn’t clear the love problem, so he and Ms Ploy had a quarrel and starting fighting together. Then one of the men in the group, who might be Ms Ploy’s new boyfriend, brought his friends over to beat him and Ms Ploy used the knife to stab him.

Splash Beach Club

The wounded Mr Wasan ran away to escape into Walking Street road. He asked for assistance from the owner of a beer bar to notify the police to assist him. After Ms Ploy stabbed him, she drove on a motorbike to escape with her friends.

Initially, the police made notes of investigating the injured for evidence. As for the exact cause of this incident, the police will investigate the injured victim again after he recovers, in order to arrest the troublemaker to prosecute further according to the law.

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