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The Rock Phuket restaurant bar

THB 2500000

Thursday 26 January 2017, 09:55AM

The restaurant is located on a land plot of about 1500 square meter, on a main road go to Nai Harn beach ( Soi Saiyuan), have a big private parking for about 7 cars and motorbike. The main building have a restaurant, bar, kitchen, 2 toilet and store room. On the back there is a big garden with the 2nd bar, other table and seats , 2 room for staff with toilet and a climbing gym (10 meters high tower and boulder room). Actually there is about 20 table (inside and outside ) but there is a space to add more table and chairs. The business rent contract is 3+3 (start in November 2016) and is renewable. The rent payment is every month and is 35.000 thb for the first 3 years after will increase to 40.000 thb a month. The deposit require is 2 months that will deduce from the first 2 months (pay 2 months in advance). The restaurant have free water and wifi and come with 2 milion company include in the price. The selling price is 2.5 milion thb negotiable furniture and license include.

Person : stefano pretto
Address : soi Saiyuan Nai Harn
Phone : 0927058219


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