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Thailand, Taiwan TV stations sorry for Thatcher photo gaffes

BANGKOK: A Thai station apologised Tuesday for showing a photo of actress Meryl Streep when reporting the death of Margaret Thatcher, while a Taiwanese cable news channel ran a photo of Queen Elizabeth II.


Wednesday 10 April 2013, 09:22AM

In Thailand, army-run Channel 5 TV station apologised after it showed a photo of Streep playing Thatcher in the 2011 semi-biographical film "The Iron Lady" during its report on the death of the former premier.

"We apologise for the mistake over the use of the photo during the report on Margaret Thatcher which caused misunderstanding. Our team will try harder and be more careful," it wrote on its official Facebook page.

A source at the channel said the job of finding the picture had been outsourced to another company.

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"The news anchor noticed the mistake and solved the problem by saying her story was made into a Hollywood movie played by Meryl Streep," he said.

Taiwan's CTI TV, in footage Monday night, showed the queen dressed in a green coat and waving at the crowd with a caption reading "Former British prime minister Thatcher passed away, the Iron Lady is missed".

Thatcher, dubbed the "Iron Lady," died of a stroke on Monday in London aged 87.



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