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Phuket News: Thai Tourist dies in boating “incident” off Jomtien Beach in Pattaya

PATTAYA: A 36 year old Thai Tourist died in an incident involving a speedboat off the coast of Jomtien beach on Saturday afternoon. Police are unsure if the man had already died before the collision or if the collision with the boat killed him.

By Pattaya One

Sunday 26 May 2013, 11:12AM

The victim, Khun Pitak from Phitsanulok Province in the North of Thailand, was staying at the Natural Park Resort on Jomtien Beach and used the beach opposite the resort on Saturday. It is thought he went for a swim and was struck by the speedboat which was approaching the shoreline.

Khun Atichai aged 22, the boat driver, later explained to Police that he tows a Banana Boat and was about to finish for the day when he felt something hit his boat as he approached the shore. He claimed not to have seen the object which he soon found out was Khun Pitak who was pulled unconscious from the water.

There was a visible injury to his ear which is thought to have been caused by the rotor blade from the speedboat engine, but no other injuries to explain the reason why he was not breathing as he was pulled from the water seconds after the crash.

The victim was rushed to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where he could not be saved. His body has been sent to the Police Forensic Institute in Bangkok for a post mortem examination to confirm the exact cause of death.

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Khun Atichai was arrested and charged with negligence causing death pending the outcome of the post mortem examination.

Marine Safety for Tourists in Pattaya is now in the spotlight again and we understand the Ministry of Sports and Tourism is conducting its own investigation into the matter.

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