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Phuket Sport: Tall tales from Wahoo 2013

CAST AWAY: Hi again my fellow ofishinadoes. There is an old saying which begins, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.” The Queen Marlin team won a prize for altering the rest of this adage to “give a man a fishing rod and he will drink beer indefinitely.”

By Jimmy Stewart

Thursday 7 March 2013, 12:30PM

Although the Wahoo/RBFC 2013 competition has some serious rivalry (and is to my mind the best contest of the year) it is also the greatest fun as the boats pull up to the ‘Mother Ship’ (the MV Phoenix) to “weigh in” their catch.

In reality there were three Marlin and five sails tagged and released, but to hear the stories, half the boats had Moby Dick chewing on their leaders while the rest blamed blunt gaffs and faulty hooks.

Personally I was a bit miffed not to be called to the rostrum for the largest fish of the tournament, a 2.2 metre Sailfish, measured from the tip of the bottom jaw to the inside of the V in the tail, in accordance with IGFA rules.

Unfortunately the competition rules were for the “most, caught and released”, not the longest, and the Captain Hooks team caught two babies. But well done Captain Hooks (Grrrrr.)

Back on to the subject of beer, Chalong Pier has been a proper mess with the “Booze Cruise” boat at the entrance to the marina since February 26 (now removed).

Between the new buoys and the new wreck, Chalong Pier was getting as bad as Chalong Circle, all we needed was for the police to start directing the traffic...

Tight lines




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