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Phuket Sport: Snakes: give way to surfers

Phuket Sport: Snakes: give way to surfers

SURF SPOT: Do you follow the rules? A snake, in normal conversation, usually refers to the scary, slimy-looking thing that you’ve found sneaking around your shoes outside. But in the surf, a snake refers to someone who takes off on a wave when you are already surfing on it – a practice also known as ‘dropping in’.

By Tim Campbell

Saturday 15 June 2013, 11:03AM

From the beach it might seem ridiculous, but there are some unspoken rules amongst the scattered dots of bobbing surfers.
As a rule, the surfer who is on the outside of the wave has right of way – so if a wave is breaking from left to right, the surfer furthest on the left has right of passage for that wave. 
Now, it’s not uncommon for a surfer to get a little greedy and take off on a wave, ‘snaking’ in front of another surfer and stealing their wave. In other parts of the world this is worse than stealing someone’s girlfriend, and if this is your style you may find a red-faced human waiting for you in the carpark. 
Snaking or dropping in is one of surfing’s cardinal sins and every surfer has been guilty of it, whether they meant to or not. 
Surfing has an etiquette,  like most sports, and to explain it is one thing: but to be in the water, mixing it up, is the only way you will truly understand the traffic rules of the big blue.
Here’s Tim’s tip: Always look both ways before crossing the road, or taking off on a wave.
Meanwhile, if you’re a social person, there’s plenty of water sport action always happening around Phuket. 
On Saturday a group of Stand Up Paddlers (SUP) took to the water, paddling 10km in conjunction with ‘Paddle For The Planet’, a cause joining paddlers all around the world, to build awareness and raise funds to about keeping our waterways clean. 
Organised by Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club and Longtail Water Sports, it was an awesome day’s paddling from Ao Po Pier to Koh Naka Noi and and back. 
If you’re interested in what’s happening on beaches around the island with activities, events, surf reports and all things breezy then give me shout at
Surf’s up!
Tim Campbell

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