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Phuket Sport: Surf Spot: Girls, girls, girls

Phuket Sport: Surf Spot: Girls, girls, girls

SURF SPOT: Open any surf magazine and you will find a collage of beautiful girls wearing nearly nothing except their frangipani hair tie.

By Tim Campbell

Friday 28 June 2013, 09:41AM

Too often girls are portrayed as someone to hold the guy’s surfboard while he laughs with his mates, or to be put on the shelf and admired just for their physical features.

Well boys, look out: there is a growing female surfing population in Phuket who are waxing up their surf boards and joining the line-up.

What they may lack in brute strength they make up for with determination and attitude, while their technique and surfing performance increases with every wave.

I was paddling out at Kamala last week and watched as a local girl dropped in on a wave that made her look like a peanut M&M. Guys, beware: the girls may have started a little behind but are catching up fast.

You only needed to witness Phuket’s Quicksilver Asian Event over the last three years and you would notice that now 13-year-old Phuket surfer Annissa ‘Anni’ Flynn has taken the women’s title every year.

On the global stage the top female surfers are now renowned as a leading group of surfing athletes.

Even though women in some parts of the world may still not be given equal status, there is no doubt that the sport of surfing is meant to have girls in the water.

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Their presence naturally calms the temper of the boys and definitely makes the water a friendlier and more enjoyable place to be.

Now guys, don’t be fooled just because the pretty girl who surfs better than you is chatting you up in the surf, it doesn’t mean she wants dinner – she is distracting you because she wants the next wave.

If you’re a girl and have always had that urge to experience the thrill of riding a wave, now is the perfect time with plenty of other girls taking to the waves and soaking up all that this sport has to offer.

There have been some heavy storms creating big waves of late, but the forecast is for more settled weather. To follow all the action, shout out at

Surf’s up Phuket!
Tim Campbell

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