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Safety tips for Phuket

Safety tips for Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful place to be in. But, like anywhere in the world, there are bad people. There are scams and danger. Here are some sensible precautions to keep you a bit safer.

By Alasdair Forbes

Monday 5 November 2012, 04:31PM

The most common type of bank account is the savings account. A non-resident may be able to open an account without a work permit but they will need to provide their passport and a letter of recommendation from their Embassy in Thailand.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that not all branches and banks will allow this. Try several or use the head office branch. If you don’t have a work permit is held then you probably won’t get Internet or telephone banking, but you will get an ATM card and a passbook. Documents required may include some or all of the following:

  • Passport with a valid visa

  • Work permit

  • If you don’t have one of those, get a letter of recommendation from your Embassy.

To open a foreign currency deposit account, you must take your passport with you. Other documentation may also be requested, such as an official letter of recommendation from the your Embassy, your employer or your bank back home, pay slips, loan documents or a bank statement from your home country bank. It depends on the bank. Ask them.

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To open a business bank account in Thailand you’ll need all the company papers, a passport with a valid visa and a work permit. Although it should be a straightforward process, it’s probably better if you have an accountant prepare all the paperwork. A business bank account will come with a cheque book and maybe, but only maybe, an ATM card and Internet banking.

Deposits and withdrawals: Withdrawals can be made free at any Phuket ATM of the bank your money’s with. If you use an ATM in another province you’ll be charged a fee. All the banks are linked by a common system, but if you use another bank’s ATM, you will also be charged a fee, usually 20 to 30 baht. The fee will be higher if you use another bank’s ATM in another province.

If you lose your debit card, ATM card or credit card, grab your passport and go immediately to the nearest bank branch to report the loss. Alternatively, call the bank’s hot line – keep that number handy. The bank will stop the card right away. To get a new card, first report the loss to a police station, then take the report to your branch.  


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