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Phuket seminar to bring meditation to the classroom

PHUKET: Children of the internet and gaming age can overcome short attention spans and significantly improve learning and retention through classroom meditation sessions, according to research that will come under the spotlight at a high level seminar at Thanyapura Mind Centre in Phuket later this month.

Monday 15 October 2012, 09:56AM

The same research also suggests that in some cases drugs such as Ritalin, often prescribed by doctors for children with attention deficit disorder, could be augmented or possibly even replaced as evidence mounts to support the effectiveness of meditation as a tool to teach attention and focus.

Mindfulness in education has become a hot topic in global education circles as recent studies point to a strong link between meditation practices and improved concentration and academic performance by students.

Mindfulness in Education is also the name of the seminar at Thanyapura Mind Centre from October 19-21. The seminar will be the first major event at the Mind Centre since the recent appointment of US-born James Lawrence as its director.

Mr Lawrence, a meditation and mindfulness adherent with a background in the finance and investing world, stated that Thanyapura had assembled an impressive array of global experts on the subject to deliver not only keynote speeches, but to also lead workshop sessions at the event.

"These meditation techniques were originally developed as foundational components of ancient Asian contemplative practices, but today these techniques taught in conjunction with social/emotional learning are being widely explored in schools and educational systems worldwide," Mr Lawrence said.

"Research continues to show that mindfulness practices help to decrease stress, attention deficit issues, depression, anxiety, and hostility in children, and at the same time benefit health, well-being, social relations, and academic performance."

"Numerous studies show that teaching these techniques is profoundly beneficial for the development of children in grades K-12. When learned at a young age, these become lifelong tools supporting awareness, empathy and emotional resilience. How often do we tell our children to 'pay attention'? Now, evidence-based programs are proving that it is possible, in fact, to train and improve this critical faculty of attention.''

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Thanyapura Mind Centre and Phuket International Academy are bringing together leaders in the mindfulness in education field to offer: an overview of the field, experiential mindfulness training and practical tools to implement mindfulness in schools.

Mr Lawrence added: "Participants can expect to leave this training with the inspiration, necessary instruction, and practical tools for bringing these transformative practices back to their schools to foster calm, compassionate, and creative classrooms."

Tailored breakout sessions will allow for more specialized learning. These sessions will be helpful to a variety of interests and curricula, including IB (International Baccalaureate) and non-IB teachers.

Thanyapura CEO Nick Seaver said the seminar's topic was right at the cutting edge of education debate and attendance was a 'must' for any teacher who has ever faced problems with children's attention spans or learning abilities. "The New York Times, USA Today and The Daily Telegraph have all recently run lengthy features on mindfulness and its amazing success in the classroom. I strongly urge all teachers to come along and learn how to equip themselves with these amazing techniques."

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