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It’s time to get personal

PHUKET: In recent years Phuket has exploded with health and fitness programmes: from Detox to Zumba, it’s all here for both holiday visitors and residents living all year round.

By Nathalie Emelianova

Monday 28 January 2013, 03:10PM

For over two decades, professional trainers have been guiding individuals to their goals by providing tailored personal training, but what should you be looking out for when selecting a trainer?

In this column, we will highlight some of the benefits a personal trainer can bring to your exercise routine, and some things to consider in selecting the right trainer for you.

The aim of a personal trainer is to enhance the components of fitness for the general healthy population, help individuals through their goals, and tailor a programme to suit.

Proper exercise conducted with proper techniques and guidance results in improved body composition, physical performance, heart conditioning and weight management.

The above combined with a specifically engineered nutrition plan can achieve long term success in helping you maintain a healthy, fitter life.

Here, ours advice on what to consider when choosing a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals:

  • After training hundreds of clients it’s clear to me that a key factor in selecting your trainer is a match in personality and the trainer having a positive attitude that you find inspiring and motivating.

  • You will spend lengthy periods of time on a weekly basis with your trainer so making sure you get along makes the whole experience a great one.

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  • Your trainer should keep your workouts fresh and interesting, if he or she regularly attends fitness workshops and training seminars they will be able to bring the latest techniques and information to your workouts.

  • It goes without saying that they should be recognised with a professional body and have completed a recognised qualification in advanced personal training and maintain an up-to date status to stay current in their practices.

  • They should get results, but remember it takes two to tango and requires equal commitment from the client to ensure they stick to the plan.

  • You should also learn to love your workouts. Health and fitness is a lifestyle choice and your trainer should set realistic targets and asses your progress regularly, and most of all be honest with you.

If you have already begun 2013 with a resolution to become a fitter, healthier you, it’s important to note that statistically most individuals fail within the first two months.

Employing a personal trainer to push you to your target and give a feeling of responsibility and commitment along with all the correct advise and training techniques will help you achieve the goals you long for.

Nathalie Emelianova, a personal Trainer at Fit-Lab in Chalong, has been living in Phuket for the last seven years. For more information, visit: fit-lab.net

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