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Phuket chef to star on Iron Chef Thailand

PHUKET: Vset restaurant chef Ronnie Macuja will have his “one hour of fame” next week when he appears as a challenger on the popular television show Iron Chef Thailand.

By Claire Connell

Tuesday 18 December 2012, 10:53AM

Chef Ronnie Macuja of Vset restaurant at Chalong Pier.

Chef Ronnie Macuja of Vset restaurant at Chalong Pier.

Award-winning executive chef Mr Macuja was invited several weeks ago to compete on the programme, along with his two Phuket assistants Ann and Yean from Vset.

The Japanese reality show started in 1993 and is based around a cook-off featuring guest chefs challenging one of the show’s resident “Iron Chefs” in a timed cooking battle using surprise ingredients. Iron Chef Thailand debuted in January this year.

Mr Macuja arrived back in Phuket late last night (December 17) after three hectic days of filming in Bangkok.

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“It was really enjoyable. I was really nervous, especially as they were interviewing me in front of cameras, which I’m not used to.

“It was stressful. You have to do the cooking within one hour and it’s very challenging.”
Mr Macuja said during the Christmas-themed show he chose to “challenge” the Western chef, as that is his preferred cuisine.

And as for the outcome of the show? Well, viewers will just have to make sure they watch the December 26 episode, which screens on Channel 7 at 11pm.



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