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Pattaya traffic cop arrests illegal parking attendants

Pattaya traffic cop arrests illegal parking attendants

A Thai motorist lodged a complaint with Traffic Police over a parking charge of B60 they were forced to pay to park on a public road in North Pattaya on August 17.

By Pattaya One

Wednesday 21 August 2013, 10:56AM

Police Senior Sergeant Major Somsee from Pattaya’s Traffic Police Division made his way to Soi Petragoon and saw the parking attendants who were allegedly taking money from motorists to park on public roads.

As the police officer approached, one of the attendants placed a call to a friend and suddenly the officer was surrounded by a group of 10 men who attempted to intimidate the officer and force him to retreat.

The officer stood his ground and called for backup which soon arrived. Twenty police officers and volunteers converged on the location, forcing the group of attendants to make a hasty retreat.

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Four of the attendants were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station where they were held pending further investigations.

Read the original stiry here.

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