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Phuket: Monk arrested and defrocked for lewd behaviour

Phuket: Monk arrested and defrocked for lewd behaviour

THAILAND: A 70-year-old monk has attracted attention of the wrong kind after he found himself arrested after displaying his private parts to a 55-year-old woman.

Saturday 3 November 2012, 04:52PM

Meuang district police in Phang-nga Town were notified at 5pm on Tuesday (October 30) of a Buddhist monk engaged in lewd behaviour – displaying his private parts to a woman while making obscene remarks.

The monk, who identified himself as Pra Chalad Yantipo, was invited to return to the house, where Rachinee Anusilanont, 55,, a member of staff, confronted him. Mrs Rachinee insisted Pra Chalad was the very monk who engaged in the behaviour she complained of, and showed police closed-circuit video footage to prove her assertion.

Police considered the latter as convincing, so the monk was taken to Investigations Division duty officer Pol Capt Kanaen Somraks for questioning. Interrogation revealed that Pra Chalad had entered the mansion to beg for B200 from Mrs Rachinee, saying he needed it for transportation fare to Ranong.

“He said he was from Nakorn Sri Thamarat,” police said. “Mrs Rachinee gave him B100. He walked out to buy some water, then returned and sat drinking it. Afterwards, he went to the toilet, then came back and sat down, pulling out his sexual member.

“Mrs Rachinee told him he mustn’t do that, but Pra Chalad continued to pull on his organ, meanwhile uttering a great many filthy things, until Mrs Rachinee felt compelled to flee the mansion and notify police.”

Officers said the monk was inconsistent in his statements: “He said he had come from Nakorn Sri Thamarat and was en route to finish Buddhist Lent in Phuket. But he got on the wrong bus and had to get off in Phang-nga.” The monk’s documents revealed that his layman’s name was Chalad Panrangsi, that he was 70 years-old and registered as resident in Pak Panang district of Nakorn.

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“His monk certificate showed he joined the monkhood 20 years ago.”

After questioning, Pra Chalad was taken to Pra Mahatanit Pasuko, abbot of Wat Taksinawat Pra Winaitara temple, to be stripped of his robe. Pra Chalad, who is remarkably well-built and still hearty despite his age, fought all attempts to complete the de-frocking ceremony. “It took a number of police officers quite some time to wrestle him down and get him into layman’s clothes,” police noted.

After the de-frocking was complete, Chalad was taken to Phang-nga Meuang district station for booking.


– Source: Siang Tai

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