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Mid-Autumn FestoRama @ The Pearl of The Orient 2012

Speech by Adelyn Lim, Managing Director of CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd at the Press Announcement of Mid-Autumn FestoRama @ The Pearl of The Orient 2012 on August 27, 2012.

Wednesday 29 August 2012, 05:53PM

Event : Mid-Autumn FestoRama @ The Pearl of The Orient 2012

Venue : Beach Street, Penang

Time : 8am to 11pm

Date : 30th September, 2012

(The 15th day of the 8th month in Chinese lunar calendar)

Organizer : CreatiVision D. C. Sdn. Bhd.

Endorser : Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang

Presenter : Celcom Axiata Berhad

Supported by : Penang Global Tourism


Autumn is the most colorful season of the year for the Chinese community in Malaysia. “When the moon is full, mankind is one" – in the Chinese community, the full moon has always represented the gatherings of friends and family. Thus, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunions. On this night, families will go together to scenic spots and parks for moon appreciation parties, eating moon cakes and pomeloes and praying for a safe year.

This year we plan to celebrate this special occasion by organizing the Mid-Autumn FestoRama 2012 in Penang. This celebration incorporates a wide range of entertainment and programs. The event is produced in partnership with the local councils, primary and high schools, colleges, universities, the Chinese Associations, press and media.

As The Mid-Autumn FestoRama is not linked to religion, people of different races are encouraged and invited to take part in the activities.



  • To promote Chinese ethnic culture among residents and tourists alike.

  • To provide free family entertainment on this special day


Programs :








Official Launch by the Chief Minister of Penang

Lion Dance performances




1pm – 7pm






  1. Buskers’ Fest for Charity 2012


We value buskers and the colors they inject into the life of the city. The Buskers’ Fest at Beach Street starts from 2pm and ends at 7pm (or earlier) on September 30, 2012. We are inviting high school, college and university students to take part as buskers. We name three NGOs as the beneficiaries of this charity program. Buskers will have to choose one of the beneficiaries to work with and donate the gross collection from the busking to the said beneficiary after their performance. We will set up 3 stages at different location along the street and each beneficiary will man one stage.



  • Children Protection Home

  • Red Crescent

  • Rainbow of Life Forces - financial aids to students who

come from families that receive less than RM600 per




2pm – 6pm


ii) The Most Creative Mooncake Competition

The accomplished Mooncake makers can show off their skills

at The Most Creative Mooncake Competition. The judging

and public voting starts from 2pm on the event day. The

Mooncakes can be made of traditional crusts and snow skins

with a soft filling that can be plain, fancy, traditional or

contemporary. Contestants can bring the readymade

Mooncakes to the competition at the designated time on the

event day. They will be given a space of 3ft x 3ft to set up

their works.

Prizes :

1st – RM3,000

2nd – RM2,000

3rd – RM1,000



10am – 10pm


iii) The Most Creative Lantern Competition

The objective of this program is to cultivate art education as well as preserve the traditional skill of lantern making. We are inviting Chinese schools and associations to take part in this program.




a) Theme: movie characters and related.


b) Prizes:


Primary School Category

1st – RM2,000

2nd – RM1,000

3rd – RM 500


Secondary School Category

1st – RM2,000

2nd – RM1,000

3rd – RM 500


Open Category

1st – RM2,000

2nd – RM1,000

3rd – RM 500


Judging and voting for Primary and High School Category:

Time for public voting : 11am – 7pm

Time for judging : 7pm – 10pm

Result and award presentation : 10:30pm


Judging and voting for Open Category:

Time for public voting and judging : 7pm – 10pm

Result and award presentation : 10:30pm



7:30pm to 10pm






iv) The Lantern Parade

Route: Lebuh Pantai – Lebuh Pasar – Jalan Majlis Kapitan

Keling – Lebuh Farquhar – Lebuh Light – Jalan Tun Syed

Sheh Barakbah - Lebuh Pantai.


  • All the participants who take part in the The Most Creative Lantern Competition are requested to join the parade at 7:30pm on 30th September, 2012).

  • Members of public are welcome to join the parade.

  • We will invite and arrange the children from the orphanages and the grandpas and grandmas from old folks homes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us at Beach Street. Members of public can offer Mooncakes and lanterns to these underprivileged groups.

  • Firework display


10am -10pm



v) The Street Carnival

The street will be transformed into a spectacular sea of lights, lanterns and decorations. There will be a line-up of programs, contests and games that will fill the day with colours and excitement. We will set up pavilions for Chinese Arts and Crafts, Games, Food Party, Mooncakes and Tea Appreciation. We will also set up pavilions for different cultures like the Japanese community, Korean community, Vietnam, Taiwan and others.



10am -10pm






vi) Games, Contests and Lucky Draws.

  • The Mooncake Eating Competition (will be an hourly


  • The Riddle Guessing Competition (whole day)

  • Vote and Win Contests. (whole day)

  • Fun Fair (whole day)



We would like to take this opportunity to thank Penang State Government and Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang for their strong support to this event. Our appreciation goes to our long time partner Celcom Axiata Group Bhd. for being the Presenter. Our special thanks also go to The Police, MPPP Enforcement team, Penang Global Tourism, and Red Crescent, for their assistance. We would like to thank Pi Mai FM90.2 as the official radio. Last but not least, we thank all the press and media for your kind support. We wish to make Mid-Autumn FestoRama an annual program in Penang.


For members of public who are interested in taking part in the event as contestants or vendors, please contact us at 019-2720999 or 03-40421000 or log onto www.9-creativision or for event details, terms, conditions and Entry Forms for the various competitions.


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