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Medical tourism in Phuket

Thanks to the excellence of its service matched with low prices, Thailand has become a world destination for medical tourism. This week, let’s explore some of the great medical offers this island has.

By Alasdair Forbes

Monday 5 November 2012, 04:29PM


Teeth need a bit of work? From cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement or a simple cleaning, it it’s easy to find a dentist in Phuket. Prices vary but chances are they are still going to be much cheaper than your home country. For the price of a trip to the dentist back home, you can get a trip to Thailand and get your gnashers fixed, too.



Lasik eye surgery and cataract removal are some procedures that many people shy away from. But if you’ve gotta do it, then you gotta do it. The private hospitals on the island have done these procedures thousands of times, so you can be sure it’s a safe – or safer than – anywhere else. See what I mean?



Are you not confident about the way you look. Want to remove some excess bits? Or maybe add to bits that you reckon aren’t quite big enough? Thailand has an international reputation for cosmetic surgery. Not only that, but you could even get your gender changed while you’re here, and all at very reasonable prices.

QSI International School Phuket



Not sure that pills or surgery are the way to fix your aches and pains? Looking for a more natural approach to healing? Acupuncture, perhaps, or crystals or holistic therapy. There are many places in Phuket that offer holistic treatmenats. To get the full benefits, try treating yourself to a full-time retreat.



Many of Phuket’s people trace their ancestry back to China, so it’s no surprise that ancient Chinese remedies are widely available on the island. These may consist of natural herbal remedies such as roots, barks or plants, or more radical remedies such as scorpions, or snake bones. One of the best known shops is Guan Choon Tong on Talang Rd in Phuket Town.


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