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Jayda's kitchen of love in Phuket

PHUKET: Chefs on the island who say they have a stressful job should perhaps take a leaf out of Phuket artist and food creator Jayda Ponlid’s book.

By Claire Connell

Tuesday 26 March 2013, 05:24PM

Jayda has used Facebook to develop an unusual food service, where customers order their meal the previous night then pick up the dish at her Phuket Town art gallery the following day.

“It’s the kitchen of love without panic or stress”, she says.

Fun is the main thing when cooking, with Jayda saying her kitchen is always full of good vibes.

“Contained in all my dishes is my mother’s cooking philosophy. When you are happy and you cook, when people eat the food they get some of that love and happiness.

“About six months ago, I started to post my food on Facebook. After that, my friends called me from Bangkok and asked me for the recipe. People wanted to buy my food for their families,” she says.

So she expanded her menu to include orders from the public. Every evening around 9pm she posts the menu, which usually features at least four options. 

People contact her that night with the order, and pick it up the following day between 4.30pm and 8.30pm.

Jayda says customers always ask her to open a restaurant, but at the moment she’s happy doing what she does.

“It is very hard to find good staff who understand my concept – which is to make good food with love and happiness.

“Meals should be a happy time. Everyone should enjoy the moment – sharing, talking, and laughing – it should be a good time for the family.”

One of the signature dishes is the Andaman salad, priced at B1,500 and featuring Phuket seafood. 

Big enough to feed four people, the beauty of Jayda’s food is that the seafood is incredibly fresh because it has been purchased that same day.

Another favourite is the “curry in a coconut” dish, for B220. 

Jayda says customers who eat this dish get a “cocosmile” – meaning “When you eat it you are happy because you can smell the coconut,” she says.

Her customers are not only Thai – she has many tourists who visit because hotels recommend her “restaurant” to them. 

One air hostess who visits Phuket takes Jayda’s food back with her to Bangkok in a specially designed cargo container. Others drive from Phang Nga for her dishes.

She also caters to keen customers around Thailand, sending her food to places as far away as Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Delivery prices ranges from B1,000 to B2,000, with a minimum food order of B1,500. The food is sent on ice on a commercial airplane, and then delivered through what Jayda calls her “agents” in Bangkok.

Everything is done with the strictest attention to hygiene, she says, with Jayda not wanting her clients to get sick from food that is not kept cold. 

“People talk and talk and then we ended up getting customers from Sweden and Germany – they want me to send my food by cargo to them, but I’m not sure how to do that yet.”
When she is not busy creating art or making food, Jayda works as a guest lecturer at the Prince of Songkla University Phuket campus, sharing her “art and life” knowledge.

For more information visit her Facebook page facebook.com/JaydaFanclub (Thai language only), while orders can be made to 089 289 8852 (Jayda speaks excellent English).

Her art gallery and the food pickup point is at 17 Yaowarat Road, Phuket Town.



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