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Isoc steps in over Phuket marine safety

Isoc steps in over Phuket marine safety

PHUKET: The Phuket branch of the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc), which serves as the political arm of the Thai military, today (July 31) stepped in and formally became involved in improving tour boat safety in Phuket.

By The Phuket News

Tuesday 31 July 2018, 07:07PM

At a meeting at Phuket Provincial Hall chaired by Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong, it was explained that Isoc will set up guidelines for action to organise tourism businesses in Phuket “for stability of the country”.

Present were R/Adm Boworn Mattawanukul, Deputy Director of the Isoc branch in Phuket, as well as Phuket Vice Governor Snith Sriwihok, Phuket Provincial Police Commander Maj Gen Teeraphol Thipjaroen, the heads of every relevant government agency in Phuket and representatives of tour businesses and operators of the major tour boat piers in Phuket.

Governor Norraphat explained, “The Phuket branch of Isoc has set guidelines for any businesses involved in tourism to follow for stability of the country.

“This is to control, correct, and rehabilitate the situation in Phuket and to ensure the safety and security of Phuket residents.

“It also provides a way for tour operators, tour guides, tour operators and tourists to ensure confidence and results in the campaign, and to develop and supervise tour and travel businesses in Phuket,” he said.

After the announcement, the heads of relevant agencies and other people present were taken on an inspection of all major piers on the island, both government and private, that are used to provide boat trips for tourists.

Today’s inspection follows a personal inspection of Chalong Pier by Governor Norraphat and Vice Admiral Somnuk Preampramot, Commander of the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command, yesterday (July 30).

During that inspection Governor Norraphat explained that 24 major tour boat piers in Phuket had been inspected by officials, who had been assigned into three teams in order to conduct the inspections quickly and thoroughly.

Laguna Golf Phuket

R/Adm Boworn and his team inspected the piers in Thalang, in the northern half of the island.

Phuket Provincial Office Chief Administrative Officer (Palad) Sakchai Kunanawatchaidej lead the team to inspect the piers within Muang District (Phuket Town, Chalong, Rawai, Kata and Karon), with the exception of the piers in the Tah Jeen Canal area in Rassada (north of Phuket Town), which includes the busy Rassada Pier, and which were left to Phuket Vice Governor Snith Sriwihok and his team to inspect.

“However, the inspections by the three teams found many piers that need to be improved,” Gov Norraphat said today.

He subsequently today ordered for every tour boat pier to have CCTV installed and to post signs to inform tourists of the marine safety guidelines, and for all tour boats to be checked to ensure the equipment on board and the crew meet safety regulations.

“From now on, every pier will have staff from the relevant agencies on hand to check the boats before allowing the boats to depart,” he said.

“The equipment inside boats and the equipment on board must be ready to use. The passengers must be checked and we must have some record to identify them by face, including information such as their names, nationalities, their place of accommodation and their destination.

Tour guides must be checked in accordance with the law,” he added.

This is to enhance the standard of tourism in Phuket, a world-class tourist attraction, as well as to create the security and confidence among tourists,” he said.

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Christy Sweet | 03 August 2018 - 09:58:52

There's a real lack of civic responsibility instilled in Thai people which renders them incapable of following rules or caring about anything that does not affect them directly.   Have a look at Bang Tao Beach just south of Laguna-absolute  garbage dump on the beach replete with scavenging pigs 50 meters from half a dozen restaurants. It's a Hanta virus outbreak  waiting to happen. Disgust...

Pauly44 | 02 August 2018 - 15:51:36

I'm no tourist, not very perceptive are we.

DeKaaskopp | 02 August 2018 - 15:32:24

"It wouldn't be terrible if tourists move to better places" Why not being a good boy and  set an example first?

Pauly44 | 02 August 2018 - 14:37:38

Phuket has gotten it too good for too long without reinvesting in training and better infrastructure for tourists, now it's the typical overkill knee jerk reaction from the clueless officials, it wouldn't be terrible if tourists move to better places, might teach the greedy operators a lesson or two, maybe not.

Asterix | 02 August 2018 - 12:19:59

Tourism associations, hotels, tour and boat operators support the move to improve safety for tourists coming to Phuket.
ISOC should extend their controls to the all coastal provinces along the Andaman Sea in order to avoid rogues tour-operators to move their businesses and customers as well to nearby provinces at the expense of Phuket which would be a big lost in incomes for the tourism industry.

malczx7r | 01 August 2018 - 18:17:42

Doubt if they could see the beach at Chalong for all the boats! Beach for everyone except in Chalong! Wonder if they stopped long enough to see the speeding boats coming in and out and not adhering to the speed limit!

Kurt | 01 August 2018 - 13:03:56

Did the governor inspect the Chalong beach sands were thai tourist boats shameless pollute environment by refueling there day in day out?
As long that doesn't stop I only can see Governor's sayings as another publicity thing.

BenPendejo | 01 August 2018 - 11:23:52

Bah...nothing but a big PR campaign. Bringing in all the other unqualified do-nothings to assist the existing do-nothings in trying to create an image that Thailand actually gives a s#!^ about the actual tourist. I like that a main element "to post signs to inform tourists of the marine safety guidelines", is simply to cover their asses. "Ahh...they died, they no read sign, not our ...

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