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How to become a much loved Phuket teacher

PHUKET: You know the one. The one that’s the best teacher in your school. The one all the kids fight over to get into her class next year, and not because she passes out easy “A”s. She’s tough, she’s decisive, she’s fair, she’s fun, heck, even you love her!

By Jason Stanley

Monday 17 December 2012, 05:04PM

Teachers, want to know how you can do it too? Want to discover simple, easy, effective
classroom procedures? I can show you the yellow brick road that will take you to being ‘that’ teacher. My name is Jason Stanley and I’m a recovering school administrator.

I spent the last six years in a unique situation that allowed me to test classroom methods in real classrooms with real teachers dealing with real students from kindergarten to high school.

We had some amazing results and we had some abysmal results. One campus went from #23 out of 25 schools in the district to #3 in just one year! Another campus in a different city was the only private school listed by the Ministry of Education and Training as a model
school for the province. Other campuses were not impacted at all.

What we did was take much of the recent, theoretical information about ‘brain-based learning’, sometimes known as neuroeducation and figure out how to use it in the  classroom to make your job easier, get improved student results, and gain happily
engaged students at the same time.

I discovered that our international and local teachers needed useful, practical, classroom procedures to improve their teaching and enjoyment in their job. To make this happen is why I’ve gone from school administrator to teacher assistant, by writing a series of short,  easy-to-read booklets about simple to apply methods on brain-based teaching and learning entitled Teach by Design.

The booklets explore the complexity of brainbased learning research, proposes action steps, and determines which aspects of this information are applicable and easily integrated into your classrooms for maximum results. Years of experience as a classroom
teacher, vice principal and headmaster of a dual curriculum international school system was a “boots on the ground” test arena that provided understanding and answers to many questions teachers had and still have about brain-based learning.

Below are some of the questions asked by teachers that I’ll address through the upcoming series of articles here in The Phuket News.

• What is brain-based learning?
• What are some of the more important aspects of
brain-based learning that should be seriously considered?
• What aspects of brain-based learning can be ignored in the classroom?
• What are the simple, effective, and practical steps
needed to successfully use active brain-based learning and teaching?
• How can neurological understanding of the brain be applied in my classroom?
• What extra training do I need?
• Will it take a lot of extra prep work?
• Can the teaching models I already use be incorporated
with brain-based learning and teaching?
• Does this new brain-based process support classroom management?
• Can active brain based teaching help with student leveling in the classroom?
• How can active brain based learning and teaching help with the increasing classroom sizes that are happening everywhere in the education system today?
• Does active brain-based learning and teaching improve student results?
• Can active brain-based learning and teaching help with student motivation?
• Can student leadership be fostered with active brain-based learning and teaching?
• Does active brain-based learning and teaching have any impact on critical and creative thinking?
• Can active brain-based teaching be done without any special or expensive technology?

Think about it, wouldn’t you really like to be ‘that’ teacher? To find out how, be sure to read next month’s installment of Teach By Design. I will be happy to address your additional questions concerning the impact of brain-based learning or how to do brain-based teaching.

Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.


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