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Combining dance with massage to create new Phuket spa treatment

Combining dance with massage to create new Phuket spa treatment

PHUKET: A spa in Chalong has hit upon the novel idea of combining Nora dance – a traditional Thai form of dancing, native to the South of Thailand – with massage to create the unique Thai Nora Therapy experience.

By Tanyaluk Sakoot

Friday 26 July 2013, 08:59AM

In 2011, it was Tarn Tara Spa’s Spa Developer Termsak Sara’s love of the dance and belief that its movements should not be restricted to just dance that started the idea rolling.

So, I went to get more information about Nora at Baan Ka-neang, in Thalang district. Then, my team and I went to Phatthalung, which is widely considered the the centre of traditional culture in the south.

I discovered that Nora teachers give traditional Thai herbs, like khao-sung-yod, to Nora students to heal them when they are tired from training and dancing. We therefore decided to incorporate those Thai herbs in our therapy.”

The Tarn Tara Spa researched 16 Nora dance moves that could apply to their Nora therapy. Interestingly two therapists are used for the massage therapy, in order to provide ‘balance’ and ease both sides simultaneously.

Sanhathai Sara, Spa Manager at Tan Tara Spa said each session lasts three hours. At first, the customer is scrubbed with sang-yod rice for about 30 minutes. Then they are wrapped in cooling herbs for a further 30 minutes.

Then the two therapists begin their treatment to gently ‘warm up’ the customer. Then, the therapists perform the Thai Nora massage for about 45 mins. As a final step, the customer is given either an aloe facial treatment or have their hair washed and blow dried for 30 mins.

For more information visit tarntaraspa.com.

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