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Christmas with Lady Pie

Friday 23 December 2011, 04:47PM

‘It’s just manic.’ Susan with some of the 4,000 mince pies she’s baked this year.

‘It’s just manic.’ Susan with some of the 4,000 mince pies she’s baked this year.

On Christmas Day when the rest of you will be relaxing and enjoying a festive season drink, spare a thought for Lady Pie, also known as Susan Usher.

The Australian, famous for her meat pies and other treats, will be up at 4am on Sunday to cook around 60 hams and turkeys for the people of Phuket.

She won’t be alone; she’ll will have her six staff members helping her load the turkeys and hams into the oven 10 at a time, to ensure they are delivered freshly-cooked in time for the Christmas Day meals.

“It is one of our busiest times of year, and the week before Christmas is just manic,” Susan says. She opened her famous Lady Pie store and cafe in Cherng Talay six years ago, but last Christmas was her first at testing the market for turkeys and hams.

Last year she cooked 10 hams and 18 turkeys, and this year it has risen to 30 of each.

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She also sells steamed puddings and Christmas fruit mince pies. About 4,000 fruit mince pies and around 500 puddings have been ordered this year.

Susan’s business also does a lot of catering around the Christmas season, including one event last Saturday which involved cooking a roast dinner for 50 people. Also available from the cafe are home-made Christmas-themed gifts from the Good Shepherd charity foundation.

Susan’s own Christmas with husband Harry is held later in the evening on December 25, once all the orders for Christmas lunch and dinner have gone out. Then the couple sit down and relax, knowing all the hard work is over for now.
“But there’s no way we eat turkey for dinner,” Susan jokes.

 Orders for the Christmas items can be made through www.ladypie.com or by calling the shop on 076271049.



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