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Canadian helps Phuket lives bloom again

PHUKET: Canadian-born Ocean Bloom is a dancer, gymnast, martial artist and yoga instructor. She is also a body-building model, and for a little over a year has been sharing her unique and combined approach of everything from meditation to massage to help re-route Phuket people’s lives onto the right track.

Wednesday 20 November 2013, 09:11AM

"What I do is take care of the physical body, the mental, the mind and the emotional and spiritual energy,” says Bloom.

“With exercising it can only improve your body and you could be exercising everyday and still not find happiness.”

The voluptuous blonde bombshell certainly does not fit the archetype of a yogi or Eastern mystical philosopher.

The progression, she explains to The Phuket News, began gradually when she was only three years old, growing up in Canada.

“At eight I joined a dance troupe and performed for Princess Diana when she visited Vancouver.”

In her later teenage years she became a body-builder and went on the road competing at just 19 years old, but eventually it took its toll and she decided to leave the Western world.

In 2010 she travelled to Chiang Mai to complete a Thai massage course at the Sunshine Thai Massage School, and has been in Thailand ever since.

One of the main reasons for her leaving Canada and the world of body-building was fatigue from constantly striving to compete, and always thinking she was never quite good enough.

“There was just too much stress[in Canada],” Ocean explains.

“We’re always trying to work harder and getting more inhuman by doing what we're doing. In our effort to be strong and independent, we shut ourselves off from humanity.

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“What we need is love and support but we deny ourselves it and try to prove that ‘Oh yeah I can do all this by myself.’”

Ocean believes that everyone is more similar than than they realise, but that we all-too-often choose to compete rather than connect.

“How many massage parlors do you see in Phuket? This is because the country appreciates relaxation. In the Western world we have the same amount of coffee shops. There’s too much stimulation.”

A regular client of hers is Neil Fitzpatrick from the United Kingdom. He discovered Ocean Bloom’s unique healing process last year, whilst training at Tiger Muay Thai where Ocean was also giving yoga classes.

“I heard that she did healing so I thought I’d give it a try.”

Neil explains that yoga and Thai massage sessions with Ocean helped him finally let go of painful emotions associated with his brother’s death.

“It was amazing. I was so surprised, because at first I thought it was ridiculous that my body was moving involuntarily, but in the end, the result was freedom.

“I felt released from this sadness, I still think of him and cry but now the pain is gone.”

For more information, visit oceanbloom.com




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