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Phuket News: 'Business as usual' following Korean speed-boat crash

PATTAYA: Despite promises from local government officials and government ministers from Bangkok to introduce immediate checks on boat operators and their crews and to provide better support and policing of vessels used to transport tourists, we have determined that absolutely nothing has changed since the accident last Sunday which saw 19 Korean tourists injured, six seriously.

By Pattaya Daily News

Thursday 25 April 2013, 05:57PM

On Wednesday afternoon we visited the Bali Hai Port situated at the Southern end of Pattaya Beach which is used by scores of boats that transport tourists to and from islands around the coast of Pattaya.

We saw no officials monitoring the boats and during our time at the port no checks were made on any vessels. There was a strong suspicion that some of the boats were overloaded and we managed to speak with two crew members of speed-boats, which continue to operate as before and they confirmed to us that no checks had been made on them or their vessels since the accident on Sunday.

These observations have been passed to Pattaya City Hall for their consideration.



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