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Phuket Sport: Big wins for Super Six league leaders

Phuket Sport: Big wins for Super Six league leaders

FOOTBALL: In Round Four of the Phuket Super Six League, reigning champions Phuket Condos & Homes showed their intentions with a whopping 8-0 victory against first division title contenders Joy Dive. In Division Two, Rose United ground out another win to go five points clear at the top of the table, and on target for promotion. In Division Three, Daohang FC look unstoppable after scoring 34 goals in only four games.

Friday 21 June 2013, 10:29AM

Division 1

Joy Dive FC v Phuket Condos & Homes: 0 – 8
The highlight of the evening’s matches saw main contenders Joy Dive FC go up against reigning champions Phuket Condos & Homes. It was an even game on the pitch, but PC&H tactics were superior with great defending, skillful counter-attacking and some excellent finishing. The final result was an eight-goal win to PC&H, and back to the drawing board for Joy Dive.

Shakers FC v Irish Times: 4 – 0
Shakers FC are back on track after this convincing victory against newly promoted team Irish Times, who find themselves struggling for points.

Great Bangkok v Pita Bar Phuketeers: 2 – 2
A tough game between new Thai side Great Bangkok and the Phuketeers expat team ended with points shared. Great Bangkok took the lead early on and found themselves up 2-0 at the break. But the Phuketeers came back strong in the second half, clawing back two goals and perhaps disappointed that they couldn’t eke out a win.

Seduction v TT Boys: 2 – 3
TT Boys continued their strong start to season five with this narrow win against newly promoted Thai team Seduction.

Division 2

Phuket Serenity Villas v Big Apple & Pita: 5 – 1
PSV are looking strong after this big 5-1 win against Big Apple & Pita.

Mr Moo v KTM Phuket: 4 – 4
Mr Moo and new Thai team KTM shared the points in a match that provided 40 minutes of thrills. KTM took a 2-0 lead, but soon found themselves down 2-4, before they pulled back two goals to make it 4-4 at the final whistle.


9th Floor v Rose United: 3 – 6
Rose United continued their push for promotion, this time against struggling 9th Floor, who just can’t seem to convert their opportunities.

Sovrana Lounge Bar v Gang Junior: 6 – 6
Sovrana Lounge Bar (formerly Fruit Ninjas) shared points with newly promoted Thai team Gang Junior, with an incredible game ending 6-6.

Division 3

Nong Ice FC v Bat Fire: 3 – 3
Nong Ice and Bat Fire shared the points after this close-run game.

Two Chefs v Mew FC: 2 – 2
Two Chefs managed a draw against Mew FC, after working their way back from two goals down in the first half.

Banana FC v Grizzly’s FC: 3 – 4
New team Grizzly’s FC inched out a narrow win against Banana FC.

Daohang FC v Raum-pheun Coffee Club: 8 – 1
Nothing could stop Daohang FC as they knocked eight goals past Raum-pheun Coffee Club to stay top of the table in division three, with four wins in as many games.

Read the Phuket Super Six league table here.

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