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Phuket News: Belgian paedophile arrested by Rayong police

RAYONG: A 39-year-old Belgian man was arrested in Rayong on April 26 after the father of an 11-year-old boy reported that his son and a friend were molested in a public park. The suspect was found to have molested other victims on a previous visit.

By Pattaya Daily News

Saturday 27 April 2013, 05:54PM

The boy’s father said that the molestation occurred on April 25 at 9 a.m., when his son and a friend went to walk in the park in Khodthimtharam temple community.

They encountered the foreign man, who is apparently named Mah Nle Belly sitting in the public park who molested the boys. Afterwards, he gave the boys a total of B1,700 for them to buy candies and snacks and forbade them to tell anyone about the matter.

The father of the victim showed police the money that the Belgian gave to the two boys for evidence to be used in prosecuting him. When other children in the area knew about this matter, they told their parents that the same foreigner last year had also done 'obscenities' to them. Many parents have subsequently come forward to notify the police.

Police discovered that the suspect had previously travelled to Thailand twice before. 

On his second trip, the suspect confessed to molesting the two boys on April 25, and to giving them money for compensation. He also admitted to molesting other victims last year.

Police have charged the suspect of raping children not over the age of 15 and committing obscenities in a public park.

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