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Battling flu and colds

Rain-sun-rain-sun! That means the coughs and sneezes season is here. What to do to make having a heavy cold or flu more bearable? This week we point you in the direction of some remedies.

By Alasdair Forbes

Monday 5 November 2012, 04:31PM

Paracetamol for the pain can be found at every local pharmacy. Make sure you buy a recognizable brand with the label in your language and that you can read the label. Most packets will have some English on them. Some medicine in Thailand are very potent. Brands such as Tylenol, Sara, and Tiffy should do the trick for your headache or fever. Note that staff at shops will probably try to sell you more remedies - you don't have to buy them.
You cannot officially get prescription cough mixture without a doctor's prescription but syrups for coughs and fevers can be bought over the counter, though it may be difficult to find brands you recognize from your native country, such as Benadryl. Check the dosage in milligrams is right for you and make sure the mixture is not past its sell-by date.
Anti-flu injections are a comman procedure during flu season. Private hospitals are the best place to get these for you and your kids. The doctors will speak English and they will give you the right dosage. Avoid going to places that are ready to sell flu shots over the counter; it's illegal and may be dodgy.
Thursday: Children can be the most difficult when it comes to finding the right medicine. Best to visit a hopsital or doctor's clinic. But if you know just what you want to treat the child with, over-the-counter medicine should be safe enough. Buy a recognisable brand such as Tylenol or Sara for children.
Flu can bring on nausea and aches. Carbon charcaol is a great way to combat stomach viruses and local balms are a fine way to treat sore muscles and joints. Also at most pharmacies, you can find teas, vitamins and other natural remedies. Gesundheit, everyone.


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