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A moment in time

Friday 13 January 2012, 01:56PM

Noppamas ‘Ae’ Mungwiriya and mother Jutharat Sakubol run Live Present Moment cafe.

Noppamas ‘Ae’ Mungwiriya and mother Jutharat Sakubol run Live Present Moment cafe.

Phuket resident Noppamas “Ae” Mungwiriya and her mother Jutharat Sakubol form the perfect mother and daughter team at Live Present Moment cafe on Millionaire’s Mile in Kamala.

Originally from Chiang Mai, the interior of Khun Ae’s cafe is decked out with high-quality designer furniture from her own custom made architecture and furniture company, Aka Casa.

Featuring a blend of redwood and teak furniture, including a large funky mirror, and Jim Thompson fabrics, the venue combines chic style with a substantial menu.
“I just wanted to do something different and I think we are in a great location. I saw the potential here in Kamala for a cafe that incorprated art and design features,” says Ae. “I can’t change the fact that there are heaps of bars here, but perhaps I can give people something a bit different.”

Options on the menu include an all day breakfast (B180), buttermilk pancakes (B150), and various Thai dishes (B200 and up), plus desserts and cakes including tiramisu, panna cotta and chocolate cake (from B90).

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Khun Ae says her raw green smoothie, made from organic vegetables and fruit, is particularly popular because of its great taste and health benefits (B70-B90 each).

So where did she pick up her culinary skills? “I like to cook. I have a lot of foreign friends who are chefs and I learn from them.” She’s also picked up cooking tips from her mother, who used to run a Thai restaurant in Germany, and from her father, who is a chef in Japan.

“It’s great working with Mum. We get along really well and only get frustrated with each other sometimes,” she says with a laugh.

 Live Present Moment, 16/15 Moo 6 Rim-hard, Kamala (on Millionaire’s Mile just before the 7-Eleven), 089 191 8488, livepresentmoment@gmail.com



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