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Phuket News: 94 year old Australian alleged rapist carried into court on a wheelchair in Chiang Mai

CHIANG MAI: Australian national Karl Joseph Kraus, accused of raping four sisters aged between 7 and 15 in Ban Tharn Ing Doi, Doi Saket, arrived at Chiang Mai courthouse on Monday 30th April to face charges.

By CityNews Chiang Mai

Wednesday 1 May 2013, 09:50AM

The 94 year old had to be carried to the court by other inmates from the prison bus in a wheelchair.

Kraus's lawyers have stated that his health condition is too critical to stand trial, given that he suffers from dementia and cancer.

In early March, Kraus told Fairfax Media that he’d be dead before the process, adding, “Nobody helps me. They put me in jail when I was sick. I can’t walk but they still put me in prison.” 

On the morning of April 30th Kraus's lawyer submitted a health document certified by Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital that he was suffering from cancer, memory disorders, and pressure sores, in order to postpone the judging.

The judge agreed to reconsider the case on 10th June at 1 p.m.

Kraus was first arrested in 2010, accused of abusing four sisters in Chiang Mai. He allegedly lured the victims into his house by offering them English lessons, money, and chocolate.

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After his arrest police found over 100 pictures of child pornography on his computer, and evidence suggesting that he could be part of an international paedophilia network.

After his arrest he paid 400,000 baht bail. He then flew to Myanmar, where he was subsequently arrested for an invalid visa and sent back to Thailand August 3rd 2012. 

An article in the Daily Mail also reported that he was driving in Chiang Mai while on bail, and that he didn’t seem to be poor in health.

It was reported in the English tabloid that Klaus had claimed that he had been offered as get-out-of-jail payment of around 500,000 baht. 

If convicted Kraus might be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison. If he pleads guilty his sentence will be halved.

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